Thank you to everyone that submitted a competition entry! We received a good number of thoughtful entries that showcased just how important the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion are to students. It is obvious from the entries that design students prioritize choice, voice, community, wellness, and a healthy lifestyle. We are honored to share the following winning entries:

First Place Overall - Congratulations to Rhode Baptiste from Virgina Commonwealth University's School of the Arts! Rhode's design seeks to destigmatize mental health through lounge and relaxation spaces that give the student control of everything from the furniture layout to the artwork on the walls.

We also have three wonderful Honorable Mentions to share. First off, congratulations to Sara Hoxha from Virginia Tech's School of Architecture and Design. Sara's learning space design creates a sustainable building that is connected to nature and serves the community through the consideration of the relationship between home and institution, student and community, indoor and outdoor, and human and nature.

Congratulations as well to Kelsey Levitt from Virginia Commonwealth University's School of the Arts. Kelsey considered biophilic design, color psychology, and sustainable design in a housing proposal that weaves together people and experiences, old and new, industrial, and natural, one and many, and public and private to create a playful mix of public and private living arrangements for a diverse yet communal body of inhabitants.

Last but not least, congratulations to Apphia Peters, who received an Honorable Mention in the study/social space category. Apphia designed three interrelated hub spaces for students to work, lounge, and support one another through values of community, inclusion, work, and collaboration.

Congratulations to our winners! I was honored to share your work at the SCUP2021 Annual Conference. I would also like to recognize the following entries for also having your work shared at the conference:

  • Gabrielle Gill, VCU

  • Sarah Kincaid, VCU

  • Nilufar Sizdahkhani, Marymount University

  • Jiali Guo, VCU

Thank you to everyone for your hard work and thoughtful entries. Please email with comments or questions.